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Verdantix Report

Buyer’s Guide: Asset Investment Planning Software (2023)

Get your complimentary copy of Verdantix Buyer’s Guide: Asset Investment Planning Software (2023). This report provides decision-makers at industrial facilities who are responsible for the asset investment planning (AIP) strategies with an up-to-date analysis of 16 prominent AIP solutions on the market. 

Cosmo Tech is proud to be included among the Representative Vendors in this new Verdantix report.

Verdantix is a research and advisory firm that acts as an essential thought-leader for world-enhancing innovation. Their research provides unparalleled depths of coverage of a range of technologies and services including Asset Investment Planning. 

In this new report, Verdantix has built a holistic picture of the AIP market and buyer requirements to support asset intensive organizations in their adoption of Asset Investment Planning software. Leaders should use this guide to inform their research in order to choose the best AIP software that fits their requirements.

Verdantix defines AIP as a data-driven approach to assessing and prioritizing capital investment strategies over a medium- to long-term period. It allows organizations to manage assets, meet business-level objectives, reduce the risk of asset failure and minimize the need for wide variations in capital spending. 

The firm identified 16 prominent AIP solutions on the market that can help businesses to develop robust asset strategies.

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According to Verdantix analysts, buyers should consider the following industry requirements when selecting AIP software:

  • Proven track records in relevant industries
  • Relevant asset- and portfolio-level optimization capabilities
  • Ability to interface with existing technology portfolios
  • Expertise to support industrial standards and upcoming regulations
  • Services for implementation, training and post-sales support

Cosmo Tech is pleased to be included as a Representative Vendor among others  in this new Verdantix report. We are currently offering a complimentary copy of this research. Don’t miss out on this, download now!

Verdantix Buyer’s Guide: Asset Investment Planning Software (2023), By Kiran Darmasseelane, Fouad Elias with Malavika Tohani, January 2023. All rights reserved.

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