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On-demand Webinar

Moving Beyond Resilience,
Using Supply Chain Vulnerability to Thrive!


CSCOs seek to build supply chains that are powerful growth engines regardless of uncertainty. Not coping with uncertainty reduces business value. Consequently, CSCOs need to adopt an antifragile mindset that helps the supply chain not only survive uncertainty, but also thrive because of it.

Watch this 75-minute webinar where Tim Payne, VP and Supply Chain Analyst at Gartner® presents the findings of his recent report, The Antifragile Supply Chain Thriving Due to Uncertainty. He will be joined by speakers from Accenture, Cosmo Tech and SAP for a panel discussion and Q&A session on supply chain vulnerability, risk management and resilience.


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Learn how CSCOs are adopting an antifragile mindset to transform supply chains into growth engines even amid uncertainty.


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  • Presentation by Tim Payne: Understand the concept of an anti-fragile supply chain and why it's essential for your business's success.
  • Panel Discussion: Join us for an insightful panel discussion. Industry experts will discuss resilience and risk-aware decision making and how to cultivate these qualities within your organization, with the support of AI and Simulation.
  • Enno Danke, Managing Director Industry X, Accenture
  • Anna Linden, VP, Global Head of Supply Chain Planning, Solution Management, SAP
  • Romain Ropitault, Principal Product Manager, Supply Chain, Cosmo Tech
  • Q&A Session: Get your burning questions answered by our panel of experts.