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Smarter Asset Investment Planning Decisions

Learn how the power of simulation-driven Asset Investment Planning (AIP) is transforming asset management in the world’s most complex industries in this new eBook.



In this eBook you’ll learn:
  • How Simulation Digital Twins have helped asset intensive organizations reduce operational conflicts by 12%,  TOTEX by 10%, as well as decrease the time spent planning asset investments by 75%.
  • Why asset intensive industries have adopted a systemic approach to asset management.
  • Why traditional software tools have proved ineffective in supporting best-in-class AIP practices.
  • What are the key features of Simulation Digital Twins. 
  • How Simulation Digital Twins support smarter AIP decision-making.
  • What return on investment to expect from deploying Simulation Digital Twin technology.



This eBook explains how Simulation Digital Twins are transforming AIP and how simulation-driven decision making is remaking modern asset management.


What our customers are saying

“When we started working with Cosmo Tech, we had no global visibility on the impact of the decisions we were making when developing our strategic plans while facing CAPEX constraints.”

Expert Leader Industrial System 4.0 

“The exploration with Cosmo Tech software shows good potential to allow us to confidently meet our network reliability challenges, taking into account the changes in our environment and the incorporation of future digitization into the business. The simulations showed us the potential of reduction of operational risks by 12%, keeping the same resource allocation.”

Asset Strategist


“With Simulation Digital Twin technology, we are able to mobilize and engage our teams to visualize their combined reality, to simulate environmental financial impact of operational decisions and to make sure that behind the climate targets, there is a clear and shared action plan tracked internally, and continuously updated.”

VP Sustainability